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Welcome to What's Your Problem, a website that sails valiantly across the entire breadths and widths of those cruel, salty psychoanalytical seas and returns to you all the professional brain-help you ever could need.

Remarkably, this website unfolds all the most telling cogitative burps you've ever had and promises* to give you a guaranteed* 100% accurate diagnosis into your true psychological workings so you may have a better understanding of yourself and the world around you - all without a single bit of input from yourself.

Even more remarkable, this website encompasses the collective works of all the psychoanalytical behemoths past and present: Freud, Jung, Lewin, Satir, Eddie 'Fitz' Fitzgerald and juxtaposes their most pertinent sentiments into easily digestible chunks you can write down and keep with you in your little wallet or purse, or whatever.

* Not promised or guaranteed in any way.